Posted on Dec 15, 2023
Wonderful talk today from Harris Cty Pct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey. We are a community service organization - not a political organization - and Commissioner Ramsey shared wonderful information about our community.  
It was valuable to our businesses, our non-profits, our members, and our many guests. Here are some takeaways our members appreciated:
- Unincorporated Harris County (meaning the parts that are not in a city) has 67% less crime than incorporated Harris County 
- Pct 3 residents have requested 1722 projects.  Each resident was called and each project was scheduled.  These include items like fixing potholes and cleaning up ditches.
- In part due to the Sheriff's Constable partnership with neighborhoods, the police response time averages 5 minutes
- While Pct 3 has 300% more roads than the other precincts, P3 gets by with a smaller portion of the county road budget.
- The county has an opportunity to build a drainage tunnel from the Barker & Addicks Reservoirs to the Gulf that would move 2.5 more water per second than Buffalo Bayou.